The Time is Out of Joint

“What happens in that eternity between when an ancient work is first penned, chipped, painted or performed, and when it finally reaches our 21st century eyes? Time has a curious way of speeding up, slowing down, repeating itself or stopping altogether. In what ways is time twisted to the author’s devices in ancient literature, the performing arts and the visual arts? Chronology is an essential component to archaeological inquiry. What are some of the new dating techniques being employed in the field? Or, to go back a step, how much faith can we put in the chronologies of the past that modern scholars work with?”

Our graduate department is hosting a conference this spring, May 2-3rd, 2014. The topic is disjointed narratives and we’re accepting papers on:

  • Art and architecture, and its reception
  • Literature, be it fictional, historical or philosophical
  • Religious scripture and ceremony
  • Archaeological theory, methodology and chronology

Abstracts are due January 15th, 2014. Check out our conference website for more details on the topic, and our keynote speaker, Dr. Giovanna Cerserani.

About Lisa Tweten

As one of the project mangers, Lisa is the heart of the project. She works with Digital Humanities to photograph the MacGregor squeeze collection.

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