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Digitizing the Past for the Future

  • Any university department can tell you that they have shelves and storerooms full of books, artifacts, and research collected over the decades. At the University of British Columbia, the Classical, Near Eastern and Religious Studies department has some incredible teaching collections that were, until recently, kept in a locked room and brought out only occasionally for students to get a brief look at before they were once again tucked away. Since the spring of 2013, a dedicated group of graduate and undergraduate students have been working tirelessly to create open access digital repositories for these collections in order for scholars, professors, and the general public alike to enjoy these incredible artifacts that span nearly three thousand years of human history.

    Artifacts in our collections span the great civilizations of the past, from the Third Dynasty of Ur to the rise of the Athenian Empire to end of the Roman Empire. We invite all students of history to explore our collections and make use of our resources in their research, presentations, and teaching, and welcome collaboration with individuals and institutions who share our passion for preserving cultural heritage.

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