Mondays are hard.

Ease yourself into the week by checking out some of the more amusing classics and archaeology related sites around the internet. Try to get some work done after lunch.

Reddit has some excellent archaeology threads; my favourite is the conversation about archaeology and “alternative theories”, i.e. any of the nonsense you come across on The “History” Channel. Be careful out there – once you go down the reddit rabbithole, it is very hard to climb out.


Stuck at home for the summer while all your friends are working on an amazing dig? Archaeology TV’s youtube channel will let you tour archaeological sites around the world.


what should we call me classics 

When people don’t like to label different kinds of ablatives and datives

& there’s more:

what should we call me grad school

what should we call me egyptology

& for anyone thinking of joining us at the beautiful UBC campus, check out

what should we call me ubc 

The first thing you buy when you arrive at UBC Vancouver.

Check back tomorrow when we’ll have an interview with UBC’s Andrei Mihailiuk and he’ll tell us all about the challenges of digitally mapping the Roman Triumph.

About Lisa Tweten

As one of the project mangers, Lisa is the heart of the project. She works with Digital Humanities to photograph the MacGregor squeeze collection.

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