From Stone to Screen is Hiring: 3 Digitization Assistant Positions Available

We are very happy to announce that there are a few paid positions available for the summer months and into the 2015 academic year, made possible by the generous TLEF funding! There are officially three positions available: 2 Digitization Assistants for the Epigraphic Squeeze collection, and 1 Digitization Assistant for the Bahrain Collection.  At present, we are hiring only for the summer months, since we want to re-assess the project’s needs in September before we advertise job positions again.ubclibrary
We strongly urge you all to read the job descriptions and consider applying – the start date and weekly hours are extremely flexible so please do not rule yourself out if you will be away for a month of two for an archaeological dig, travel, etc. We are absolutely willing to split positions between people and months according to schedules and availability if there are several qualified, interested applicants.
Please feel free to contact us with any questions, but do note that the deadline for applications is next Thursday, April 9th. We will hold interviews (if necessary) and make our decisions by the end of the following week, that of April 13th. The earliest start date for positions will be May 1st (although, again, remember that this is negotiable and flexible and you are not precluded from a position if you can’t start then!) Please note that the terms of the TLEF restrict the positions to UBC students or recent graduates, i.e., if you graduate in April you are eligible for a summer position.
We look forward to your applications.

Digitization Assistant – Bahrain

Digitization Assitant – Epigraphic Squeezes

About Lisa Tweten

As one of the project mangers, Lisa is the heart of the project. She works with Digital Humanities to photograph the MacGregor squeeze collection.

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