Curriculum Vitae

Over the past couple of years, the From Stone to Screen team has accomplished a tremendous amount of research, web design, fundraising, volunteer recruitment, and publicity. We are especially proud of how much exposure we’ve received in terms of conference presentations, lectures, and articles. Here you’ll find a complete list of all of our academic achievements and public coverage.

Peer-Reviewed Articles

Gardner, C.A.M., G. McIntyre, K. Solberg, and L. Tweten. “Looks Like We Made It: But Are We Sustaining Digital Scholarship?” in Making Things and Drawing Boundaries (Experiments in Digital Humanities). University of Minnesota Press, 2017.

Tweten, L., G. McIntyre, and C.A.M. Gardner. 2015 “From Stone to Screen: Digital Revitalization of Ancient Epigraphy.” Digital Humanities Quarterly.

Kraus, N., C.A.M. Gardner, and L. Tweten. “From Stone To Screen: Copying Cuneiform in the Digital Age” in ‘Implementing Meanings: the Power of the Copy Between Past, Present and Future. An Overview from the Ancient Near East’. Forthcoming, 2016.


Peer-Reviewed Conference Presentations (Papers)


McIntyre, G. & C. Gardner. “From Stone to Screen to Database”. Second North American Congress of Greek and Latin Epigraphy, January 4-6, Berkeley, CA.

McIntyre, G., M. Funke & C. Gardner. “From Stone to Screen to Classroom”. Archaeological Institute of America Annual Meeting, January 6-9, San Francisco, CA.

Martin-Cabanne, C. & C. Gardner. “From Stone to Screen: Digital Antiquity in the Classroom”. Digital Pedagogy Institute, May 13, Guelph, ON.


Welton, L. R. Johnson, & C. Innes. “Reflections of Dilmun and Tylos: Threats to Cultural Heritage in Bahrain” UBC Archaeology Day, Saving Endangered Cultural Heritage for our Common Future, March 21, Vancouver. BC.

McIntyre, G., C. Gardner & L. Tweten. “From Stone to Screen: Digitally Recapturing Antiquity” Digital Classicist New England Seminar Series, March 30, Boston, MA.

Gardner, C. & G. McIntyre. “Let’s Get Digital!” Organized Panel on small-scale Digital Antiquity projects. Classical Association of Canada Annual Meeting, May 20-22, Toronto, ON.

Tweten, L., K. Solberg,  & C. Gardner. “The Writing’s on the Wall: Open Access Tutorials for Epigraphic Studies.” PKP Scholarly Publishing Conference 2015, August 11 – 14, Vancouver, BC.  

Hilliard, E., K. Hurworth, L. Tweten, & C. Gardner. “There and Back Again: Negotiating Pedagogy for Students and Professors” Digital Pedagogy Institute – Improving the Student Experience, August 19-21, Toronto, ON.

Solberg, K., C. Gardner, & L. Tweten.  “From Stone to Screen: Ancient Words in a Digital World.” ASOR Annual Meeting, November 18-21, Atlanta, GA.


Gardner, C. “Squeezing into the World of Digital Humanities” The Digital Universe, UBC FIREtalks, November 26, Vancouver, BC.

Tweten, L. “From Stone to Screen: Digitizing Epigraphic Inscriptions.” Digital Humanities Summer Institute, University of Victoria, June 2-6th 2014, Victoria, BC.

Côté-Landry, M., L. Tweten, P. Taylor, & H. Odell. “From Stone to Screen: A CNERS Digitization Project” UBC Archaeology Day, Digital Perspectives on the Past: New Methods and Research in Digital Archaeology, March 15, Vancouver, BC

Peer-Reviewed Conference Presentations (Posters)


Gardner, C.A.M., K. Solberg, L. Tweten, H. Bertram, E. Hilliard, & M. Côté-Landry. “From Stone to Screen: Putting the Squeeze on Digital Epigraphy” Archaeological Institute of America Annual Meeting, January 8-11, New Orleans, LA.

Gardner, C.A.M., K. Solberg, & L. Tweten. “From Stone to Screen: Squeezing into the World of Digital Archaeology” Society for American Archaeology, April 15-19, San Francisco CA

Gardner, C.A.M. & L. Tweten. “From Stone to Screen: Squeezing Responsibility out of Digital Projects” DHANT Digital Humanities and Antiquity Conference, September 2-4, Grenoble, France.


Tweten, L., M. Côté-Landry, H. Bertram, & C. Gardner. “From Stone to Screen: Digitizing Epigraphic Squeezes” EAGLE Europeana International Conference on Information Technologies for Epigraphy and Digital Cultural Heritage in the Ancient World, September 29-30, October 1, Paris, France.


Invited Lectures


Solberg, K. & C. Gardner. “The From Stone to Screen Project” Past Matters: Teaching History Through Material Culture, March 6, Vancouver, BC.


Tweten, L. “From Stone to Screen: Digitizing Epigraphic Squeezes”. Student Innovation in the Open: Student Panel Presentation and Discussion. Open Access Week, October 28-29, Vancouver, BC.

Odell, H. & H. Bertram. “From Stone to Screen: Digitizing Fragments of an Empire”. Archaeological Institute of America Vancouver Society, September 16, Vancouver, BC.

McIntyre, G. & L. Tweten. “Reconstructing the Role of Women in Ancient Greek Society.” Langara College, November 13, Vancouver, BC.

Odell, H., H. Bertram, M. Côté-Landry, A. Mihailiuk, P. Taylor & L. Tweten. “From Stone to Screen” UBC CNERS Departmental Seminar, February 27, Vancouver, BC.




Teaching and Learning Enhancement Fund (51,000 CAD over two years)

The TLEF was created to enrich student learning by supporting innovative and effective educational enhancements and the flexible learning component supports projects which enable pedagogical and logistical flexibility to help students learn outside of the traditional classroom setting.  This grant funds a number of student positions to oversee the everyday running of the project, the digitization of the various collections, inputting and managing metadata, and the creation of open-access, online teaching modules which can then be integrated into the classroom both at UBC and in the wider academic community.


Field Museum Visiting Scholarship ($2,790 USD)

-Awarded to C. Gardner and N. Kraus to digitize cuneiform tablets using the Ortery 3D Photogrammetry workbench system.


Society for the Promotion of Hellenic Studies Institutional Grant (100 GBP)




Archaeological Institute of America Outstanding Work in Digital Archaeology Honorable Mention:

“These two projects were selected as honorable mentions, as they fulfill the mission of the Archaeological Institute of America to bring archaeology to a wider public and to educate the public about the archaeological heritage and shared past of humanity.  The Award Committee also commend these projects for being collaborative and student-led. By engaging with digital technology for both research and outreach, the work of these students will help to bring archaeology to the next generation of scholars and students, as well as to the interested public.”

Archaeological Institute of America Lecture Flyer Contest for “From Stone to Screen: Digitizing Fragments of an Empire” designed by Jack Shee

Tweten, L. I-Cubed (I3) – Idea, Innovation and Inaugurate Challenge winner, awarded by GRAND in association with the University of British Columbia Media and Graphics Interdisciplinary Centre (MAGIC Lab)


Media Coverage


“Window on a lost world: rediscovered papyri at UBC shed light on ancient Egypt” – July 6.

“Rediscovered papyri shed light on ancient Egypt” – July 6.

“Two Roman-age Egyptian papyri rediscovered at UBC” – July 7.

Ancient Egyptian papyri rediscovered in UBC library” – July 8.

Professor helps re-discover lost Egyptian papyri” – July 13.

Ancient Egyptian Papyri Rediscovered” – July 14.

Rare Books rediscovers 1,800 year old papyrus” – July 20.

UBC papyrus scraps offer glimpse into everyday ancient life” – August 10. Blog Features


Blog Features


Chicorli, E. “From Stone to Screen: Digitizing the Ancient Past” UBC Digitization Centre Digitizers’ Blog, March 16.

Kuskowski, A. “Relics from a Lost Age: Cuneiform Tablets & Provenance” UBC Digitization Centre Digitizers’ Blog, August 19.

Kuskowski, A. “Relics from a Lost Age Part 2: Mysterious Histories” UBC Digitization Centre Digitizers’ Blog, August 25.


Assaf, D. K. Solberg, H. Bertram, L. Tweten & Chelsea Gardner. “From Stone to ScreenBringing 21st-century access to ancient artifacts” Biblical History Daily, Biblical Archaeology Blog, August 20.

Tweten, L. “I-Cubed (I3) Challenge takes innovative ideas to next level” Graphics, Animation, and New Media (GRAND) Website, October 7.

The Ancient World Online. “The McGregor Squeeze Collection.” Posted by C. Jones, October

The Ancient World Online. “From Stone to Screen: Putting the Squeeze on Digitization” Posted by C. Jones November 7.

Solberg, K. “Cleaning Dirt off Dirt: When Archaeological Students Learn What Archaeology Actually Is” Featured on WordPress ‘Freshly Pressed’, August 7.



Gardner, C. “From Stone to Screen” FIREtalks FIREcast series 2.

Nelson, M. “Ancient Egyptian Papyri Rediscovered”. CBC Interview.



Lisa Tweten presents adt UBC Open-Access Week:

Chelsea Gardner presents at UBC FIREtalks:

Gwynaeth McIntyre presents at Digital Classics New England:

Global News covers the discovery of our Roman papyri:

Our introductory teaching module:


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