I3 Challenge – Update!

Our blog post, written by Lisa Tweten earlier this week, has been reposted on the GRAND website!  Her experience at the challenge, and the amazing support of our faculty, is a delight to read and such a great opportunity for us to spread the word about From Stone to Screen.  

GRAND in association with the University of British Columbia Media and Graphics Interdisciplinary Centre (MAGIC Lab) hosted the I-Cubed (I3) – Idea, Innovation and Inaugurate Challenge in September. Participating teams pitched business ideas to a panel of judges drawn from the digital media and investment communities to earn a 3-month residency in the MAGIC Lab, and in-kind technical and business support to help take the proposal to the next stage. Lisa Tweten’s winning pitch was to develop a companion mobile app that will provide a visual complement to aid the study of epigraphic squeezes with relevant historical context.

i3The post was put up on Grand’s website yesterday.  Check out Lisa’s original post here.


DHSI 2014

Earlier this month, I had the opportunity to go to my first ever Digital Humanities Summer Institute (DHSI), held annually at the beautiful University of Victoria. DHSI is a fantastic community of professors, librarians and graduate students who are passionate about digital humanities, and passionate about sharing their knowledge. I was…

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Happy ἐξελαύνω Day!

Everyone, it’s March 4th!  That means that it’s ἐξελαύνω (exelauno) Day for Hellenists everywhere, or Progredior Day for the Latinists among us.  (Classicists get to celebrate both versions.) The occasion for celebration?  Both ἐξελαύνω and progredior have the root meaning “to march forth”.  Can you tell that classicists love puns? The tradition…

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The Time is Out of Joint

“What happens in that eternity between when an ancient work is first penned, chipped, painted or performed, and when it finally reaches our 21st century eyes? Time has a curious way of speeding up, slowing down, repeating itself or stopping altogether. In what ways is time twisted to the author’s devices…

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