Kat Solberg

Kat has her MA in Classical Archaeology from UBC, where she first became involved with the project. Its Media and Communications director, she is the voice of the project and all of its public dealings. When she's not glued to her computer, she can be found digging things up and obsessing over the Romans.

All that Glitters is Not Gold: Archaeology Version

I was sharing pictures of our artifacts to a group of colleagues the other day from my new world of tech.  I had that familiar sense of pride looking at them, pride at our cataloging, research, and classification.  Someone then asked me what he probably thought was a completely innocent question. “Are these…

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Archaeology for Brownies!

Our latest post is written by one of our faculty advisors, Dr. Lisa Cooper, who recently took our teaching collection to an entirely new audience… Brownies! Not the delicious dessert, we’re talking Girl Guides here! We’re absolutely delighted that she’s passing on our shared love of the ancient world and…

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Illuminating Coins of a Dark Period

Today’s post is a guest post by Jane Sancinito on some of our coins!   The coinage of the third century CE is often used as a case study for how debasement, the steady, intentional decline of precious metal in a currency, leads to economic decline. The political turmoil of the period,…

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Reading the Tablets: Ancient Words in a Modern World

We here at From Stone to Screen  like to brag that our project is an international, multi-disciplinary collaboration (because it is) but don’t just take our word on it, here’s some proof!  Our next student profile is on Nicholas Kraus, a PhD student at Yale University.  Does his name sounds…

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