A PhD Candidate at the University of British Columbia, Chelsea works on several archaeological projects in Greece and is the Project Manager for From Stone to Screen. Chelsea loves travel and all things related to Classical Archaeology, even when it involves uploading metadata or encountering spiders in the field.

From Stone to Screen to The Field Museum

Last week, Nick Kraus and I had the pleasure of travelling to Chicago on a Field Museum visiting scholarship! Way back in October, Nick and I submitted an application in collaboration with Anthropology curator William Parkinson, to take photos and generate 3D models of the Field Museum’s cuneiform tablet collection…

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Worlds Apart: Conferencing as both Classicist and Archaeologist

As the new academic year launches into full swing, I find myself looking back over the spectacular year(s!!) From Stone to Screen has had, and I wonder what lies in store for the rest of 2015, and especially 2016. I recently compiled a ‘CV’ for our project, showcasing all of…

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In Memoriam, Ad Infinitum: Dietmar Neufeld

We are extremely sad to announce that on September 9th, 2015, Dietmar Neufeld, the head of the department of Classical, Near Eastern and Religious Studies passed away. Besides being a truly wonderful and inspirational human, Diet was From Stone to Screen’s original advocate. We would not be where weare today…

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