Lisa Tweten

As one of the project mangers, Lisa is the heart of the project. She works with Digital Humanities to photograph the MacGregor squeeze collection.

From Stone to Screen is Hiring: 3 Digitization Assistant Positions Available

We are very happy to announce that there are a few paid positions available for the summer months and into the 2015 academic year, made possible by the generous TLEF funding! There are officially three positions available: 2 Digitization Assistants for the Epigraphic Squeeze collection, and 1 Digitization Assistant for…

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From Stone to Screen in Greek 201

Today’s post is by Dr. Melissa Funke, and addresses the issue of introducing second year Greek students to epigraphy. Her perspective on using squeezes to get her students interested in translation is particularly relevant this semester as Chelsea and I will be working on creating downloadable modules that can be…

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Chance and the Archaeologist’s Trowel

“It is sometimes argued that, whereas classical studies retain in the modern world their value as an educational discipline in schools and universities, they have no real future at the level of research; all, it is said, that remains to be done is to dot the i’s and cross the…

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The Erechtheion Inscriptions

The Erechtheion building accounts  were inscribed on marble slabs with text in  2 or 3 columns, most  with writing on both sides. We are lucky that they found large fragments of text intact. In this inscription, IG I3 474, you can see the break between columns of text, and also…

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