Archaeology for Brownies!

Our latest post is written by one of our faculty advisors, Dr. Lisa Cooper, who recently took our teaching collection to an entirely new audience… Brownies! Not the delicious dessert, we’re talking Girl Guides here! We’re absolutely delighted that she’s passing on our shared love of the ancient world and can’t wait to see these girls grow up to be archaeologists themselves.

Below is her summary of the evening!


Tablet A, 2029 - 1982 B.C.E.

Tablet A, 2029 – 1982 B.C.E.

On Tuesday evening, May 17th, I paid a visit to the 126th Brownie Pack in Vancouver along with some artifacts from the From Stone to Screen collection.  I gave an hour’s talk on Archaeology to a group of about 20 Brownie girls, ranging in age between 7 and 9 years.  I first showed a few slides and talked about my own experiences doing archaeology in the Middle East (with the help of some photos of spiders and scorpions), before showing two of the collection’s Roman and Herodian lamps, a small Hellenistic period unguentaria and a larger juglet.  I also showed the cuneiform tablet which was greeted with oohs and ahhs, and we finished up with a mini-activity involving writing “Brownies” in cuneiform (easier said than done, but I gave the closest thing to it).  027In all, it was a lot of fun, and it was very special to be able to show real ancient artifacts to this enthusiastic group of girls!  I am totally ready to do more of these, and would be happy lend my Powerpoint, notes and activities should anyone else wish to do a similar type of presentation for children or youth.

Thanks From Stone to Screen!

Lisa Cooper

Associate Professor, Near Eastern Archaeology

Dept. of Classical, Near Eastern and Religious Studies


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